Google pays me very Less

Guys i have my 1 blog on Blogspot , which is 4months Old.
i have put google ads on my Blog …
But Google adsense pays me only 0.04 Avg per click.

Also please Suggest me which are the best place for ads placement :rolleyes:

First thing, what niche is your blog in. If it’s entertainment related, then 0.04 avg is likely all you will get as it’s a popular and low paying niche.

hi. I also just start blogging and already put the adsense ads in mg blog…my account is still 0.00…still in the mids of learning process…from what i read, yup…it depends on the ads…there is high paying ads and low paying ads…if you want high paying ads to appear in your blog…you need to use high paying keywords for your blog…

My very first blog with Google Adsense, also about the price. I believe my keyword was too common. Try look for other related keyword to your blog. You can search the keyword from Google Insights for search.