Google pagespeed - now much attention do you give it?

I’m trying to optermise my site as much as possible.

I’ve done all the basic things and now get 70-80 for desktop and 50-60 for mobile. I’ve tried my competitors sites and they are often half this value. Also I have an AMP site so is mobile that important for SEO?

all thats left are the following:

Optimise images, I already save them at 70 quality and the images google recommends to use don’t look great and my site is photo heavy so low quality images are no good. Many of the images it complains about are adsence adverts. I use wordpress with smoosh to reduce image size. I also use srcset with the 3 different image sizes.

Render blocking CSS - I’m using a wordpress template that will change shortly so not too worried about this espically as page load time is <2 secs.

Browser caching - from wordpress, adsence, youtube and analytics - not much I can do about those right?

Render blocking JS - the same 3rd party scripts are the issue.

Minify JS - the wordpress scripts cause this.

Should I spend more time trying to optermise it? Can I do anything about the google scripts that google moans about? or will they be ignored for SEO?

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