Google PageSpeed Module (for Apache)

I’ve just been asked by a client to install Google’s PageSpeed module on their server for them. I’d not come across this module before, and I’m interested in hearing if anyone here has any experience with it? What kind of speed increase should I be expecting, and are there any caveats I should be aware of?


I have no hands-on experience with Google Pagespeed Module and had a look at the site. I noticed the following discussion forum:!forum/mod-pagespeed-discuss

I am curious to know if your client’s site is using Wordpress, CMS, etc?

Pagespeed installation and setup seem straight forward. I did notice most of the improvements should have already been implemented ie compression of CSS, JavaScript, Html, prefetching resources and mobile optimisation.

It seems a useful tool but does also have it’s own problems according to a brief look at the discussion forum. I would be tempted to try to implement as many optimisations as possible before installing the package and use Pingdom, WebPageTest or Google PageSpeed Insights to establish the major bottlenecks.

With a bit of luck the major bottlenecks can be easily implemented without having to install, configure and maintain Google’s package.

I look forward to reading about the improvements.

Hi John,

Several sites on a Digital Ocean server, some of which are WP.

Yes, those were pretty much my thoughts too. Plus, if these optimizations are performed on the fly, what is the overhead on the server compared to implementing them by other means?


I’ve just been asked by a client to install Google’s PageSpeed module6 on their server for them.

Did you install the module?

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