Google Page Rank?

So I looked at our site on this ranking website and it says we have no pages indexed in Google. Which makes me confused. Because if I search on certain topics like “how to add exchange email to iPhone”. We come up in the first page. So if we come up in their search on the first page shouldn’t that mean we should have some pages indexed? I have webmasters tools and analytics and am actively tweaking our site trying to make it better. I have an xml sitemap and have submitted it to Google before. Not sure what is going on. Any insight would help. Google and SEO can be so confusing sometimes.

Non of 3rd party tool can provide such an accurate data compare as Google tool. Google have huge backbone to collect user data such chrome, analytics, search engine, youtube, blogger, desktop, feed, gmail and android. Google know exactly what happen to a site.

3rd party tools is depend on Google, Bing as indexing base, so the data receive would expected delay or incomplete data.

Looking at some other sites on that website, it appears to be giving completely bogus information for most of them. I would steer clear of it.

Websiterankingtool is a 3rd party tool and so far I know that 3rd party tools doesn’t shows accurate results. I suggest you to use google webmaster tools for checking index and PR.

Why not just use Google tools?

Google tools are good, but it only limit to own site and Google query. To spy other site or competitor site, we still rely on 3rd party tool.

I think these all tools use different algorithms and codes to fetch results. What all the experts have advised you above is correct. you should only use Google tools to judge the most accurate results. Ok, so one thing there are hundreds of such tool already available online, take out two other tools (other than the one you are using currently) and aprt from Page Rank & Alexa, you will see all the tools will give you different results.

But the OP wasn’t asking about other websites, he was querying why this tool showed no pages indexed for his own site. In any case it isn’t true that Google does not allow you to view information about other sites, at least not as far as indexing (which is what this thread is about) is concerned. You can simple type in and it will show you all the pages indexed.
If a third party tool is required, there are other more reliable ones such as SEOquake toolbar.

My first post answered it. (3rd party tool does not have own back bone to collect data, so their result is showing differently), this is query to search engine, not a Google tools.

I was referring to your second posting. John356 had asked “why not just use Google tools” in response to the original posting. No-one had mentioned spying on the competition until you did in your second posting, and that was my point.

I didn’t say it was specifically a “tool”, simply that it would show which pages were indexed.

Thanks. So it seems like I am indexed, and I do use all of Google’s tools. Just someone sent that to me asking why we had low scores and I was baffled because I though I have been doing a good job getting it higher on Google.

It wasn’t by any chance from someone trying to sell you their SEO services was it? :slight_smile:

No but I have had people try to pull that too. Should I just ignore them?

I was really wondering why anyone would contact you asking why you had low scores. How and why would they know? I get a couple of emails a week along the lines of:
" We visited your site recently and were impressed by it blah blah blah
but noticed that it wasn’t ranking as well as it could be blah blah blah
we can help you improve your position blah blah blah"
which is basically them telling me that I need to employ their services. I ignore them, I am only interested in my own findings and if I felt I needed help I would go and look for it.
You can easily and freely check for yourself how well your pages are ranking for your chosen keywords, don’t accept other people’s findings.

Try using Market Samurai. Type in the keywords and it will show you the top 10 search results for the particular keyword.