Google Now Shows Flash Thumbnail

Just noticed that google is now showing a thubmnail of my flash page when you click on the magnifying glass on the search results.

Anyone know any more about this? It can’t be all that bad…Is it a new thing. My site has been around for nearly 6 months now and it never did show it…


how about your serp ranking. are you able to compete for the keywords you target?

We could have also checked it if you had provided the URL of your site. As far now I have not seen something like this on the other site or my site.

You might check one of the links in his signature

I have checked one of them and its showing a flash page when opening his site

Google also shows something similar [nothing special] which he states in the thread (i have checked weddingphotographers[dot]ws)

I guess this may due to the reason that your site has been created in flash. Since google cannot crawl flash sites, it may have shown the thumbnail image.

It also shows the first thumbnail from my flash gallery which is presented on part of homepage (linked from signature). My site is definitely not a flash based site…

Who said that Google can’t crawl a flash based website :rolleyes:

Google can crawl a flash based website with as ease as any other site
except the fact that it won’t be able to read the text & description inside those flash things.

Google’s crawler is very powerful & i have seen it crawling .html, .php, .docx, .xls, .txt etc… just to name a few here