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Hi, I’m a small town local photographer in Bedford, VA. I’m indexed well with Google but not listed in Google My Biz. I’m concerned that I might be losing some business by not being listed on that map.

I’m also wondering, if I were to list, would my links and URLS such as blog posts and other pages be removed if I add my self to the listings? I normally come right up in the 1 or 2 spot.

When you say “not listed in Google My Biz”, do you mean you haven’t registered with them? If that’s the case, I’d recommend you do so. It’s won’t do any harm but might well do you some good.

Not sure I understand the question.

You register with Google My Business and they use the additional information you supply in their search results, according to their own rules and algorithms. It’s not a form of advertising, where they guarantee to show your information, and it might take a while to start showing up in the local results, but IMHO, it’s worth doing.

Hi, What I mean is, if I do list with them, will my links in the actual search results be removed or altered? If you keyword certain things, I come up #1 or #2 in results. Many of my images and posts, etc come up too. I don’t want that to change.

No. As I say, the “local” results are generated by Google in addition to the “main” search results. The higher up the main results you come, the greater your chances of also appearing in the “local” results, as I understand it. (The site I have which performs well in local search only has low competition.)

If using Google My Business hurt organic search results, I think Google would have very few takers. wink

Hey there!
You need to register yourself on Google My Business, first. They will send you a verification code which you have to use to list yourself on Google My Business.
And, you won’t lose your links’ ranks on Google.

Thank you, I’ll look at registering then, I just didn’t want my main results to be removed or hurt as I have a bit there.

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