Google Maps Street View Side by Side code error in Chrome

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to work with the Google Maps code at the following URL:

I’m able to use the code successfully in by inserting my google api key and entering the correct long lat co-ordinates but when I try to use it locally on my computer I get the following error in Chrome:

message: “initMap is not a function”

Does anyone know what this means and whether there is a workaround?

Appreciate any advice.

Hi @AEM542, that’s hard to tell without seeing the actual code… did you really just copy / paste that sample snippet?

Thanks for the reply,

Yeah I did just copy and paste the snippet from that URL then just entered my api key and changed the lat long co-ordinates. Are you able to test this on your local computer for me?

You have not correctly copy and pasted.

Let me quess. Line 42 of your script ends with callback=initMap">.

Go look at the code snippet you linked to again.

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You are right - well I did copy it exactly as it was to begin with but then I pasted in a snippet for the src URL line and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t exactly the same as the original code. Sorry - in future I’ll copy my full code.

Thanks for solving this - I really appreciate it.

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