Google Maps/Places Editing

Dear All,

Is it possible to edit information In Google map like location without having its login details?

Actually i forgot the email id using which i had created google map for the website and now i wanted to edit. I don’t want to create new google map since older one will also be present & there will be 2 maps for same site with different information which will be confusing for visitors.

Can anyone pls help.

With any online account you create, there should be ways to recover your login details, sch as by having a new password sent to your registered email address or telephone number, and Google is no exception.

But that is possible only when we know the email id using which the google map was created. But in this case that is also not available.

Well you cant change until you login with your information but when creating your email account you must have provided alternative email id for tackling this kind of problem.