Google Maps - Get Mouse Position

Hello everyone,

I have problem that should be stupidly simple… but I seem to be a extra stupid. =p

Basically I’m implementing the Google Maps API (v3). I’ve set up an event so when it’s right-clicked, a context menu pops up.

Now, the problem: I want to get the x/y of the mouse (so I can center the context menu). However, Google seems to have stripped this out of the MouseEvent which they send (no pageX/pageY).

So, how can I get the mouse position? (Not the LatLng, that’s easy. =p)


basically Google provides us the facility to create a Google map mouse position means we can target a specific location for our business on google map.

Ah, answered my own question. It seems there is a pixel object, which is a point that has an x and y property which has the mouse X and Y. Doesn’t look to be documented anywhere, but it’s there.