Google Maps API

Can I implement/achieve the following functionality using Google Maps API (Standard / Free) or we need to go for Premier API which is beyond our capacity to afford?

  1. Go to the following Link:
  2. Then Select Province from the left most dropdown
  3. Select City from the next dropdown
  4. Let 3rd dropdown as it is (All property types)
  5. Click the button “Map”

This will launch Google Maps below this and you can see all the search results.This seems very comprehensive, it displays legends (for property type), clicking a property displays few tabs with different information.

I think it needs reverse Geocoding at the basic level and then advance implementation stuff that I’ve no idea about.

Question 1. Please tell me if we can achieve this with Standard API?
Question 2. Please provide a tutorial link or example.

Thanks and Regards

I took a quick look and seemingly you end up in the middle of an ocean - sometimes an indicator that you have got lat and lng the wrong way round. :wink:

This and other Gmaps V3 Gotchas listed on my site.

As for tuts, code samples and the like, the Official Gmaps V3 docs should give you all you need.

If you are serious about this you should also join the Google Maps v3 group.

ps is there anything there you cannot do with Google Static Maps API?

Thanks cups,
I’ll check the links you have provided and keep the constraint in mind :-).

I’ll get back.

Thanks again and Regards.