Google Maps API

Can any one help find some sort of information for me for the below.

i need to create 4 map pages for the weekdays.

These pages will have pins on for jobs for our engineers.

i am trying to find a way via the google maps api to automatically create “myplaces” or maps and name them via the date.

i.e so if i went to view the map i would



I would just create four webpages; one for each day.
If you are using php I found a good tutorial for converting database entries into flags on the map. You could then have a form to put the jobs into a MySQL table and it could automatically put flags onto the map; the info box could also display the address etc.

I will be a little bit more complicated than I have suggested but it will give you a rough idea - you could use different flags for different people.
This is the Google tutorial I used for my photo site. You could have one map with different coloured flags for different days.

Cheers rubble i will have a look at it now.