Google Map not showing


Hi, the Google Map stops showing on my site (I'm not sure for how long it has been).
Console says it is due to the deleted API map key.

I have created a new key, however I cannot find where in the theme to update this information to.
Could you help?




Yes so not sure what one of our themes you are using but in most it is editable by editing the page. So go to pages and find the front-page. Click into that and if you scroll down to the bottom you should see a maps section that allows you to enter in the key.

If you can't see it let me know what theme you are using and I will get some screenshots for you.



Hi sorry forgot to inform it is the "Electrician" theme.

I cannot see any section in the "Map" section that allows me to enter the key.

I have attached my screenshots for the "Map" section, hope you can see them.



Another screenshot (I am only allowed to upload one image at a time).

Please ignore the "Mapbox" selection as I tried that one but it didn't work too.


Great thanks for the shots:

Yep looks like you are running older version of theme that had some issue with the google maps stuff. Download the new version and it has a section to generate a new API key and allows you to add the key:

Let me know if you have any issues.




Thank you for your reply.
I have updated the theme and can now see the Google Map API key text field.
I entered the new API key and the map is now showing, however the "Locate" icon does not work.

When I entered an address on the address field (I tried several different addresses), it just says "Locating" but nothing happens. On the live site, the map section doesn't show at all but there was no error messages.

What could possibly be the issue?

Thanks again.


Hi This might sound stupid but did you have internet connection when putting in the address? If so sorry but I will need another screenshot as not aware of any issues with google maps in this version of the theme.

Thanks and sorry for delay in getting back to you.


Hi, I've got this on the plumber theme. Still on version 1.0. Any help?



Have you installed a google maps API key? They have done some updates to the google maps API in recent weeks so if you don't have your own key installed you might run into some issues.

Please let me know.