Google is showing wrong page in Search Results for Blogger site?

I had done a post on pogo sticking and seo, and after 2 days I start getting visitors from google search and when I searched for the term ‘Pogo sticking seo’ what I found, Google is not showing the actual post of Pingo sticking, it was showing my homepage for that keyword?? you can check it in this image

actual post is on this url , so, if users will go on my homepage for that particular search, they won’t find about the thing for they were finding and it will increase bounce rate?
How to solve it

If you think they won’t see the titled excerpt, remove it from the home page?
Though maybe better to put the home page into the robots.txt file so it won’t be included in the SERPs

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Great advice. Now I think it’s not a big issue, so am just leaving that post as it is. Also tell me, Adding homepage in robots.txt is necessary or not??

The idea would be that the content pages would be indexed instead of the home page with the excerpts.

The only problems I can see that might happen are

  • can you be sure the content pages will be indexed if the home page isn’t?
  • when the home page no longer contains the excerpt will the search result update itself and no longer give the home page but give the content page instead

I have never heard of anyone having a problem with a dynamic home page coming up in the results.
But I have followed links from searches that went to pages that no longer contained the content I was interested in.

IMHO that is where having a good site search feature in place is crucial. - which by the looks of it tips2secure has.

My robots tag are like this
<b:if cond='data:blog.searchLabel'> <meta content='noindex,nofollow' name='robots'/> </b:if> <b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'> <meta content='noindex,nofollow' name='robots'/> <b:else/> <meta content='index,follow' name='robots'/> </b:if>

That’s a Blogger thing that I am not familiar with.

Hopefully someone that knows how to work with it can help if you decide to make changes.

I found some examples from a Google search, but I don’t know how to implement them.

It may well be that Google crawls and indexes your home page frequently, because it changes frequently, but crawls your inner pages less often. So new articles will appear in search results quickly, referenced by the home page, but will take a few days longer to be crawled and indexed in their own right.

The “correct” page is appearing in search results now for me.

So if you remove the home page from indexing, it may take longer for your articles to appear in the results at all.

After adding a new article to a site, I have got into the habit of using “Fetch as Google” in Webmaster Tools on the page. That seems to get the page contents indexed and appearing in searches almost instantly.

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One more question from you, sometimes when I search for the same keyword on mobile and PC it shows different rankings, like 1st link on desktop and 4th link on mobile searches? Is it because of their algorithms or cookies???

It could be either. Search results can vary from browser to browser, depending on what you’ve searched for before, whether you’re logged in to Google, etc. You should always clear your cache and log out of any Google/Bing accounts to get a truer picture. (Although results do, by their very nature, vary.)

Google now takes mobile-friendliness into account when returning results from mobile search, so that could account for differences between mobile and desktop results.

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