Google indexed page

What is the meaning of google indexed page?
The page rank for home page of our web site is 3, but we get reports from some online SEO tools that the google indexed page for our web site is 0. We are confused now.

Thanks for help!

The internal pages if being important to you could also get promoted the same way your homepage is going now, by adding links to them and after a while they may even gain some PageRank values. If you are talking about how pages are indexed, by addition of links to them, after a while the Googlebot would find and index them.

Actually this type of error generally found at the time of PR updation, after some stable situation it may not found. Because the data collected from different data center. As I know.

The answer is in the name PageRank.

It’s not SiteRank. PR applies to each of your pages. Your home page might have a PR value of 3 since that receives the bulk of your backlinks, your internal pages will most likely have a far lower backlink count, and thus a low PR score.

Google indexed page means the page which has been indexed by Google. It is present in the web page database of Google. Don’t rely on SEO tools

Can you come again and verify if you are getting reports on indexed pages or on backlinks? I guess you were confused at the zero backlinks pointing your page and that the page has still PR3. If my assumption is correct, try verifying you page back-links with Google’s Webmaster Tools. You can get correct data what Google is looking at your site.

And to your question: What is the meaning of google indexed page? The answer lies in your question itself, it is the page that Google has indexed. You can verify it by using ‘site:’ operator.

Page Rank is for every page not for site, Some times its happens that inner pages Ranks get higher then home page just because of amount of high quality back link inner pages get. Google indexed pages Zero, i think tool you are using is not collecting right results because PR 3 site must have at-least 1 indexed page.