Google images lighter and easier navigation

Google introduced a redesigned version of its search engine Google images takes on a lighter and easier navigation.
An article on the official Google Blog showcases a real revolution in the image search engine of Google, at least in its American version.
Now the pictures come in the form of a vast mosaic, without information of the dimensions, the picture name and the site from which it originates. This information still exist, but to see it will pass the mouse cursor over an image. Fortunately, there is an option “show sizes” allows for print-on sizes above each image.
By cons nothing is expected to display the sources of images. But it is important information because the name of the site where the image can be an indicator of relevance and quality. This system will probably reduce the profile and visibility of websites, as the name brand or company will be virtually invisible.

Another big change, now all the images are grouped on one page, with a scroll system. The pictures load gradually as one moves down the page, is avoiding too long loading times.

For a surfer, it’s a pleasure to browse the images without having to change the page in the browser. Simply pressing the Page Up and Page Down can change the selection.Google has not forgotten the sponsored links which is a new format called Image Search Ads will soon allow advertisers to insert advertisements of their products with a photograph, and appear in Google Images.

I’ve noticed this for a while now.

The update seems fine and you don’t have to go to another page to view more images, :slight_smile:

I noticed the change this morning and I like it!