Google Hummingbird Smashed my search results?


Im not an SEO expert, but looking for some advise, as many know the latest update from Google had some big results for many sites, and many stories of sites being knocked down 4/5/6 pages for key words.

I have a site I run 4 years old, pretty clean, no spam and I wouldn’t say bad content. The site is in two languages, Russian being the other language. Up to 3 days ago the site had all the top keywords in Google /Russia/Ukraine and they had not moved even one position in nearly 10 months. Stuck solid.
The Uk side of search was ok. Nothing special but good positions.
Then Friday last week in a matter of hours the whole lot went!! And not just a few pages down, Completely most key words could not even be found. Its like they never existed. In place of the usual pages came a few other pages for search but in some crazy position like 100.

Cant work out what happened? As far as I know the site has never been spammy , I do a lot of blogging and use the blogs for key word search purposes, but still not bad content and all original. All my blogs are showing in Google, many have just appeared.

What could of caused my site to have such a drastic hit from Goole? In 4 years I have done maybe 5/6 article exchanges with other sites. And probably bought 5/6 links, and that was a few years back.

Any advise or tips?

I wish I could give you a tip. This is also what happened to one of my websites. The others though have not been very much affected and I can say the only difference i did with those websites and this one that have been hit hard by Hummingbird, was that this one’s blog is not updated. So, I guess that is the reason why it was hit. But with your case, oh well, Google. that’s all i can say.

I cannot figure it out. One thing many are saying is Google are working on Trust, all my sites are registered in my name , no proxy names they are registered at my business address along with all my Faceboo, Linkedin and blogs linking to sites.
In four years I have never used any black hat SEO. I have noticed search results have changed considerably, if you ask me it is Google heading towards gaining a huge amount more advertising by making the task more and more complicated for web masters. Well it is easy isnt it! Over night several billions more $$ come in via paid ads because websites need their traffic. It certainly is Google alright:)


Penguin 2.1 is updated on 4th Oct 2013, It’s affects 1% of search results.

I thing you both are effected by Penguin not by Humming Bird it’s just search algorithm.

I want to know Humming Bird and Penguin 2.1 is different thing. These are two different thing or same … Please clear my concept…

Do you think it would effect my site so much that all of my keywords have not just gone down a few pages, they have completely disappeared? un findable, I checked using an SEO tool and the pages I was using for promotion of some key words do not even exist in Google search!! I could understand if they were not 5/10/15 pages!! But completely removed?