Google have deprecated Feedburner, what now?

Well, many of you will have noticed that your websites incorporating feedburner are no longer working as expected.
Google deprecated much of their API on October 20th including feedburner - A significant part of web development - For me anyway, it’s left a massive PHP error on my site where I showed off my feed count and I guess there’s no more burning feeds.

I’ve always used feedburner and I’ve even implemented it heavily into one of my WordPress themes (good thing I haven’t released it yet).
So what now, what have you folks got in mind (if anything)?

I’m not sure, but don’t you just have to move them to the new version? They now need to be linked to a Google account, I believe:

You’re a little behind the times, everyone needs a Google account for feedburner use and have done since they took over feedburner years ago…
See here:

Their API has ceased working and feeds are expected too as well.

OK, thanks for the clarification. I am indeed behind the times—but because I don’t use services like this, I don’t necessarily keep up to date with their goings on. I certainly sucks that they just ditch something that so many people have built their feeds around. It would be nice if they at least proposed an alternative.

Do rss feeds still have an impact on SEO since the latest update?

Well RSS feeds are a useful way of posting updates automatically to a range of social media sites - so the importance of RSS feeds to SEO is similar to the importance of social media to SEO.

feedburner will still up and the service will not stop, what will stop is the adsense for Feeds which use feedburner… for my part all my feeds still working and there is no errors… but sure the ones who use Feeds Grabber and auto-posting will get a big HIT.

Yeah but don’t people have to subscribe to the RSS in oroder to make it effective?

Not if FeedBurner was subscribed to the feed and posting the entries to FaceBook, Twitter etc - then they’d just need to friend you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter to see the output from the RSS feed.

I was kind of wondering about this as well. The API for FeedBurner is also going away, so tracking your subscribers becomes a little more difficult.

Are there any other feed hosting services out there that let you track subscribers?