Google has indexed my home page as https - help!

The home page of my website has been in the #1 position for a particular keyword for a while, it used to begin with http: and have an indented listing. Now the home page is still at the #1 position but begins with https and the indented listing is now the #2 position and the page begins with http:

It looks to me like Google thinks these are 2 different websites and I’m pretty sure that this is not good. Can anyone help me fix this? Whats the best way? All pages that need HTTPS are in a directory under the root directory called “dashboard”.

Should I redirect all pages not in the /dashboard/ directory that call https to 301 redirect to http? How do I do that? I can’t seem to find a .htaccess code to accomplish that.

I’m also thinking that I should then disallow bots access to the /dashboard/ directory.

Any other ideas?

Thank You!

Disallowing bots from the dashboard sounds like it might be a sensible plan - if there’s no need for people to find those pages through search engines.