Google gadgets stopped working

Within the last 2 weeks a couple of Google Gadgets disappeared from my small site (, one was a currency converter and the other was a metric measurement converter. When I “View Source” it says they’re both still there. Can anyone tell me what happened to them? My hosting company doesn’t know what happened to them and apparently neither does anyone at google forums.

On a related note: I noticed when I go to Google Gadgets ( ) and click on “Add To Your Webpage”, on every widget I get a 404 error and not the code to embed on a site.

Thank you.

The problem with using something hosted on somebody else’s site is it could disappear at any time. It looks like a Google fault but it is strange they have not fixed it unless they no longer support gadgets.

I would recommend you find some code you can post directly into your code. Hotscripts is usually a good source for things like that.

It definitely is strange. Maybe you’re right, they don’t support Gadgets anymore.

I do have other widgets to use, it was just nice to have them all in one place and backed by a big company.

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