Google Fonts: Weights Not Working on Mobile

Hi all. I’m currently using Source Sans Pro via Google Fonts. However, it appears that the font weights, specified via CSS, are not working on Safari on iPhone. The weights change correctly on Safari for Mac. (I suspect there may be compatibility issues for other devices as well.) Does anyone know why this may be?

Did you reference the bold fonts or are you just using the css ‘bold’ value on a normal font?

e.g.Did you specify the weights at the end?

<link href=",600,700,800" rel="stylesheet">

Thanks! That worked. I wonder why it wasn’t necessary on my laptop before.

One more thing: How do I know what the available weights are, as mapped to the friendly names (e.g. “bold”)?

Do these articles help?

I think some browsers will “fake” different font styles by adjusting the standard font, for example, if you don’t load an italic version, the standard font gets skewed to mimic an italic font.

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