Google drive error in header


We’re experiencing an issue in the site header showing
“[.ShellClassInfo] InfoTip=This folder is shared online. IconFile=C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Drive\googledrivesync.exe IconIndex=12 [.ShellClassInfo] InfoTip=This folder is shared online. IconFile=C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Drive\googledrivesync.exe IconIndex=12”

Could anybody please assist with how to solve this problem or simply hide it from the website?

site link -

Thank you.

It’s right there in the source code before the doctype.
I’m guessing no one typed it in there, so how is the site created? Is it some kind on CMS or framework?

This is a WordPress site - but WordPress on its own does not add that sort of thing to the code.

Try Googling that message - I tried and got quite a few results, including other sites with the same code showing above their header. Also, try the GoogleDrive support to see what they say.

By the way, in your config.php file, do you have error reporting set to false?


I take it you’ve got your site set up as backing up to a google drive? That looks to be your culprit, so breaking that link should resolve the problem.

It must be getting thrown in somewhere at the back-end. So it’s a case of tracking down the offending script.
Unfortunately we can’t see the back-end scripting.
You could try doing a search for part of that string in your files.

The BODY of that page looks more like a HEAD element than a BODY. Is this a template that you created it?

Sorry, I forgot to mention the site is done in wordpress. The error reporting is also set to false in wp-config.php

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