Google do or don't give the preference for blogspost?

I am run a blog on blogspost and i feel google do not importance for free hosting service like blogspost.

Google indexes and ranks the content of your site. It has no interest in where or how the site is hosted.

The only way the hosting might affect your ranking would be if it’s poor quality and very slow or unreliable.


Blogspost are google services. Google only check your post quality. If your post complete all google condition ( on page and off page seo). You can use relevant keywords in the titles and text on your posts and pages.


Exactly! If your blog build unique content, Google would appreciate.


I am satisfy with you. But i feel google do not give importance to me and other blogspost users.

i am work hard for creating my post and use all types of seo practice for good rank but achieve less. Where other competitors do little and achieve more.

For example - my post " best video editing apps for Android " which is update, improve few times and add all ingredients for improve seo score, but i can not find my post on last page of Google Search.

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Blogger is Google’s own platform. It would hardly be in their interests to penalise people for using it.

Your chosen niche has high competition, so it will not be easy to rank well. Without wishing to be rude, your command of English is less than perfect, and I suspect that is the main factor in your lack of success. As I said, Google looks at the content of your posts, and poor grammar will count against you.

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I Agreed with you

But now I got the exact idea what things are necessary to increase website ranking of the blogspot blog.

It’s necessary to have unique and quality content but before posting post. But you also need to optimize content for the targeted keywords.

For example I have developed blog Which have All off page SEO activities.

my blog ranked on #1 page (
Keyword: microblogging sites

Still having issue?? Post reply I will help you.

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