Google Disavow Link Tool

Hello Friends

I want to know that if I add unnatural links in Google Disavow link tool to remove. Then how much time it’ll take to remove links.


Have you received a message from Google saying that you have unnatural links?

If not, there is absolutely no point in using the disavow tool. It will give you no benefit. There are better ways of using your time.


Mike I didn’t got any message from Google but I found some Spam and crappy links from directory site. So I want to remove that links.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Most sites attract some spammy directory links. Unless there are tens of thousands of them, spread over hundreds of sites, they won’t do you any harm.


it depends on Google and it will be done automatically by Search engine.

I heard somewhere that it may be takes around 3 months to remove those “Disavow Links”, and initially if you can delete it manually, delete it, if the website does not allow you to delete the back link, then you have to submit this kind of link to “Disavow link List”.