Google de-indexed all the domains!

Just now I came to knew that all the domains are de-indexed by google !
Does anyone know the reason for this drastic decision ?

Because all they showed was garbage and users complained to google and anyone else who would listen that they were not getting the search results they wanted/were useful?

Free domains have been abused by the ***** mob of ***** that has started to plague the net since the advent of broadband technology (@2004) .

Personally i wish that ICANN would shut down the garbage and display the message (Your website is complete crap , please get off the Internet) .

.cc has nothing to do with ICANN as it is the country specific top level domain belonging to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Country specific domains can be used for whatever the country decides to use them for and some smaller countries decided to make them available for use to people outside their country for whatever reason made sense to them at the time.

As far as I’m aware ICANN can still police those websites - i know they don’t bother but they could , since they hold the critical DNS servers .

free domains are big source of spam and thus it might get banned or de indexed from google.

Thousands of crappy sites were built with those domains, because it’s free, spammers built more gabage sites cost less money. So big G de-indexed them.

becas so they can promot ther extension more

Is it really true?
What is the source of this news ?
Can anyone post a link of this news leading to genuine source ?

Well, that doesn’t surprise much. A few of us here must have noticed while browsing some videos or movie trailers in the past few months on youtube that a lot of comments containing links ending in flooded the comments area of each clip. Links from pure garbage! I’m glad google did their job.

Article here regarding the domains being removed form Google

If this helps in blocking spam sites that clutter the web then its for a good cause. It will give us the necessary searches with no hassles of being directed to a spam site.

Nice, I’m glad Google finally took action towards this. Obviously these sites are just trash and shouldn’t be taken seriously (removing them can even save people from getting malware and viruses etc). And yeah, I saw the thing on youtube as well, was rather annoying.

But now, they’re being de-indexed and should hopefully lessen the amount of spam being pushed through them