Google Custom Search Engine

I recently read about Google Custom Search Engine. I want to ask you guys do anybody has any idea about it? Will this help me in promoting my site? Please share your information & knowledge here.

Yes, it’s a handy service. You can put a search box on your site that returns just Google results for your site.

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I am facing some problem in the implementation of the “Google Custom Search Engine”.Its not showing relevant results for search queries entered.For eg: If someone is searching for propecia medicine then it must show the propecia product page but its not even showing it in last page of result.

Also in some cases its showing relevant results at the top and along with that its also showing some absolutely irrelevant results.I want user to get only the desired results.I have searched a lot regarding this but not getting the solution.If anyone has any idea about this then please help me.Thanks in advance

Must say the image search results are pretty appalling when I search.

Just to be clear about this …

A custom search engine can indeed enhance the value of your site. It provides a useful server to your visitors, and is therefore worth having. (Unless your site only has a few pages, in which case it’s probably a waste of time.)

But it won’t “promote” your site in any way - and especially in Google’s search results.

As for the point about it showing non-relevant results: If you are using the custom engine only to search your own site - rather than the entire web - then it’s up to you to create pages that show up well for the relevant keywords, just as you would for normal SEO purposes. But if you’re saying that the results from the entire web are non-relevant … well, you can’t put the blame on that on your custom engine. It uses exactly the same algorithms as Google’s own search page, and will produce results that are equally relevant or not.


The problem with my google custom search engine is that it shows relevant results at the top and also the non relevant results below that.But I want my search engine to show only that relevant page and nothing else.I researched a bit about it and came to know about the search engine background labels which run at the background.In this we can assign a certain webpage some labels.But my query is that whether we can tell the search engine to show the labels for certain queries.If yes then how can we do that.If anybody have any working example then please share it as it would be very helpful.Thanks in advance

Chancerossi, what are these “background labels” you are referring to? I haven’t come across them before. Can you tell us where you got this information?

My point is that the custom search engine is just another instance of the main Google search engine - the same one you see when you go to Google itself. It uses the same algorithms, and the results will be equally relevant or irrelevant.

By all means, tell me if I’m wrong. But my understanding is that you can’t influence the ranking of the custom engine’s results any more than you can with Google itself.



Thanks for your efforts.I am talking about the search engine background labels.One is that label which we can set manually through the control panel known as refinement label.The search engine background labels are the one which we put in the code where we can use modes, weights and scores etc to boost some webpage.
If you want to learn more about labels then please refer -

Also I had some query regarding the dependence of “Custom Search” on the “Traditional Google Search”.I mean how much the Google search influence the Custom search.I tried searching in Google Custom search that has my own site results and using site: operator I also searched in Google the results were almost same.So I want to know whether using the Custom search can we tweak the result.I just want to show the most relevant and eliminate all the others.Please help if you have any idea about how to get only the most relevant sites

Thanks for the clarification, Chancerossi. I hand’t come across background labels before. I just took a look at the custom search control panel, and can see the Refinements page you mentioned. I will browse around a bit more and see what I can learn.