Google count as broken link or not? please help

Dear Friends, my website landing page link is in other website as a back link. Now I have disallow that page in my robots.txt file. Still google will count that link as broken link. please tell me . example

my website is example now I put a link to other website . example/itservices. but I did this page in my robots like Disallow:/ example/itservices . When Google bot come to my site by this link , it count as broken link or not.

According to me no because google bot comes to robots then it finds Disallow that link ,then how he would count the broken link.

Please help me

I’m not sure I’ve quite understood you.

You say you have a link from one site to another, but in the example you’ve given, it looks more like a link to a directory or sub-domain. If I’ve understood correctly, you have a link from your main site to an internal directory, and the destination of that link is blocked by a robots.txt file. As the destination is disallowd in your robots.txt, then Google will not index it, and there will be no problem.

However, I’m not sure that will work if the link goes to a different site, because Googlebot will follow the link without first checking the robots.txt file for the second site.
e.g. If your site links to, Googlebot will follow that link, even though has a robots.txt file disallowing /itservices. If you want to prevent the content being indexed, then you should add “nofollow” to the link.

You got me in right way. Thank you so much Sir. I really appreciate your help. I have one question here , If we give the nofollow in a link then its not necessary that google stopped to be crawled that page. I have read this. Yes my site landing page link is on other website.

If you have a page which you do want indexed, and it links to a page which you don’t want indexed, then yes - adding “nofollow” to the link means that Google will crawl the first page and ignore the link to the page you don’t want indexed.

However, it’s possible that another site might decide to link to that second page. They won’t know that you don’t want it indexed, and won’t mark their link “nofollow”. That’s why Google advises:

To entirely prevent a page’s contents from being listed in the Google web index even if other sites link to it, use a noindex meta tag or x-robots-tag. As long as Googlebot fetches the page, it will see the noindex meta tag and prevent that page from showing up in the web index.

I would like to thank you so much. Thank you again

I have one question, Like if I am using nofollow on the website where my link is placed then Google will not follow that links. It is clear for us right, and if I am not using nofollow and link is added to the robots as noindex then is there any need to add nofollow tag on that website’s link?

[font=calibri]‘Nofollow’ on the link doesn’t have quite the same effect as ‘noindex’ on the page.

If you put ‘nofollow’ on a link then Google will not follow that link. It will not read the contents of the linked page or look at any outbound links on that page (unless it finds a different route to get there, of course!).

If you put ‘noindex’ on a page then Google will continue spidering the links out from that page, but it just won’t return that page in the search results.[/font]