pagerank= 9 ?!

Today i installed the “pagerank” plugin for my Google Chrome browser, and when i went to , i saw that only have an PR of 9!?

also youtube it’s 9, apple it’s 9 …

it’s my tool broken … or!?

Only,, eem to be PR10 (even if i think facebook (PR9) get more backlinks then … )

Whoever said that would have a PR of 10? Why should it?

No matter what the PR of Gogle. the most important is the PR of your site.

Ok… try Firefox pagerank addons. Iam using it since six month and its is working well giving right pagerank information.

PageRank is nothing more than a vanity number. I’ve worked on sites with high PR and little traffic, and sites with low PR and millions of visitors a year.

Try to download Seoquake in Firefox. It will show you correct PR

No it will not.

Google don’t publish the correct PR - they keep that an inhouse secret. All that gets published is a value generated from the PR that effectively has all the meaning removed from it first.

Final warning

Any further posts that do not address the original question of whether softgroups’ software is giving incorrect information (and that includes requiring proof that Google should not be showing PR9) will be treated as fluff and deleted, and the thread will be locked. We don’t need another thread arguing about whether PR is any use or what software you should use to check it.

Understandable, but you’ve allowed to remain the post below which states that:

Not true, it’s a very good indicator of what Google thinks of the quality of your backlinks and I use it all the time to judge whether a site is worth buying a link from or not. Zero PR, especially for a site that has a lot of backlinks can also be an indicator of problems with that site.