Google Chrome is a CPU hog on Linux?

Anyone else seeing Google Chrome trying to hog your CPU?

I’m about to try and create a new profile to see if it has anything to do with the extensions I have installed, but this has been happening for a while now.

I use Chromium and it hasn’t been a problem.

Some Google Extensions can be a major problem though. Be sure to check the Chrome Task Manager.

Shift + Esc
Hamburger -> Tools -> Task Manager

Hmm… interesting. Every time I start it, it quickly uses 60-80% of one of the cores on my CPU and stays there. So the system as a whole doesn’t feel it (until it takes over on 5 or 6 of them), but it is just the weirdest thing. I’ve disabled most of my extensions and it isn’t helping any…

It seems to be related to flash/video playback (which is starting to make more sense). I’ll have to watch it a bit more. The Task Manager simply shows a few specific tabs as the culprit for the CPU usage. The video playback seems to leave behind some residual memory usage too, so there might be a slow memory leak there, as closing that tab doesn’t immediately drop the memory usage.

Flash is most likely your problem. Flash is garbage.

I have an old laptop that I use hooked up to a TV in my office. Usually I just use it for my Plex streams, but lately I’ve been using it for the World Cup and those are all Flash Streams. About 5min in, the fan kicks on at full speed and if I leave it running, it will actually overheat and crash by the end of the match. I usually shut it down and let it cool off at half time. This is on Firefox.

Plex on the other than will literally run all day with a constant stream on Chrome/Chromium/Firefox because it’s an HTML5 stream from my Plex server.

My computer doesn’t have a problem though it’s a first gen i7 running Ubuntu Unity and my laptop/tv thing is an old Celeron dual core HP-Pavillion from '08 running Lubuntu with minimal programs installed.

An old thread but worth a try?