Google Changes 2013 and website placement

Hi All!
I haven’t posted on here in forever, but I would like to request some assistance. There have been a ton of changes on Google for the past 12 months and I would like to request some feedback or possible assistance. Our business, has lost our sub pages on google; meaning when I type in ‘eluxe jewelry’, our store plus sub category pages would pop up. That stopped happening over the summer and I was wondering if the site is being penalized for some reason or is it over ‘seo’ed’? I know there are a ton of SEO Masters who visit sitepoint often and I’m hoping some of you will take a moment of your precious time to give some possible insight.
Thank you in davance!

It shows two sub pages for me … Contact and Products. It often depends on what you type into Google. One thing I know can cause the sublinks to disappear for a while is if you change the pages around at all … like delete some or change their location.

Those sublinks are a pretty random thing by Google.