Google Cache Issues

If your site looks broken when viewing it through the google cahed option is this a problem? #

I looked at my compnay website and it’s broken in the google cache version of the site but looks fine on the actual internet. I spoke with our web design agency who say that it isn’t a problem. But I wasn’t too sure if they were just fobbing me off and was wodnering if someone could back this up for me please. The site is david brown .com

Actually, the issue is pretty common, especially amongst complex websites. The only time someone would even attempt to wade through a cached document is if the website or resource itself was down (or their trying to get a plain-text formatted version of something like a PDF file). At least that’s what I usually hit the cache button for! It’s not really worth worrying about as if visitors are having to dig up the cache, you’ll have bigger issues to deal with! :slight_smile:

PS: Google include a “Text-only version” link to deal with that issue precisely (if things are so messed up it affects readability).

It is often down to Google caching the page content but not necessarily all of the additional files (eg stylesheets, images, scripts), which means that some formatting may be absent, or may be sent awry by Google’s own content around yours. It is unlikely to indicate a problem - as long as your site looks right when viewed ‘live’, that’s what your visitors are seeing and it’s what Googlebot is seeing.

No, usually it isn’t a major problem; as it is a cache and usually adds additional highlighted Google “search results” terms to a page and reformats the results sometimes so it is more than likely to alter layout.

Thansk for the replies