Google - big brother?

Wasn’t sure quite where to post this one!

Regarding google analytics etc and those of you have a number of sites…

What is your opinion of having one google account and having google analytics, feedburners, etc for ALL your sites within that one account?

Are you worried that google will know how many and which sites you have and how each one is doing?


This is a very genuine concern for the average person, and as a result I know that the second Google try to do something fishy with the data they hold that there will be an immediate media hate-storm.

This is why I’m not so worried. I’m not even sure that it gives Google that much of an advantage, because the only reason they’re still on top is because their search engine is better than their competitors.

To be honest, does it matter if Google knows who’s visiting your sites, and which sites you’re visiting? (Assuming you take suitable precautions before going to any sites that you really don’t want Google to know about, obviously)

For as long as they are using that data to improve their understanding of people’s surfing habits and improve the search results they show to people, that’s no bad thing. And as ULTiMATE says, I don’t think they will be using that data for anything underhand.

Thanks folks. eased my mind a bit :smiley: