Google: Behind the Screen

Hey everyone,

I’ve just watched this documentary about Google, called “Google: Behind the Screen.” It really made me think, and perhaps like Google a little less than before.

This 50 minutes documentary gives an in-depth look in the world of Google and search. What if all the world’s information would be available and easy to find? What if all the news, all books, all texts, photographs and videos would be collected in one place, and made available, always and everywhere?

Watch it online

Let me know what you think of this film.

Well, Google basically want users to get more advanced access to see what world do we have now a days. Hopefully sooner or later they update the Google maps.

google do not stop to evolve with all the companies they buy all the time, I’m saying is the beginning of a new global force!

Totally, Google is becoming more and more powerful, and the only thing that we could do now is to believe they will stay cool in the future. But how do we know?