Google Authorship: Reposting an article without markup

Hi All,

I’m relatively new to Google Authorship so excuse my ignorance.

I have a number of tutorials and how-to’s written for one of our websites. These all have the appropriate authorship setup.

I would now like to repost some of these articles on one of our eBay stores, simply for the benefit of our customer (i.e. not for any SEO gain).

My question:

  1. As long as my Google Profile lists myself as a contributor to our website, will my ranking not be negatively affected by by reposting this article on eBay?

It probably won’t have much effect, but it could. This article (which @Mikl features in his signature) throws some useful light on the situation:

It is not healthy to repost some of those articles on your eBay stores it will be considered as duplicate content and I would suggest to reproduce or rewrite the article with your own touch to make it unique and interesting.