Google and the War on Spam

Google has come under plenty of fire lately, and we’ve been reporting on (yes, maybe contributing to) a lot of it. The reason is Google’s omnipresent spam. While the idea of a search engine based on back-links was incredibly innovative and effective back in 1998, manipulators of the search engine rankings have done the same thing they did to Yahoo: broken the system. For Yahoo, this happened through duplicate pages and spammed text (especially in lumps at the bottom of the page) to repeat the keywords. Today, it happens through buying links to your site, your preferred anchor text, and otherwise manipulating the SERPs.

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How do you guys feel about this article? I know Google has a huge problem, but the fact is, content website owners need to fight back.

i think… its a 2 way street…
google needs to screen spam cuz’
search results keeps getting weirder

when I try to search for solutions, the results end up being sites made for search engines littered with ads. All the quality sites are not even in the first few sites.

Some people even more cynical than me have suggested that Google is actually quite happy to have the top results being not particularly relevant but littered with ads, because then there’s a good chance they’ll make money by people clicking on the ads to get to a more relevant site. Personally, I think that’s a conspiracy theory too far, but anyway…

It’s a never-ending arms race, and the battle is for Google to stay ahead of the curve. Their algorithm will improve so that it can better detect a plethora of identical links that suggest they have been seeded, and then the SEO spammers will develop tools to automatically tweak the links so that they aren’t all identical, and so it will go on…

But i don’t understand what google is understanding by spam: Example; I have a website and i am using the Unique Article Wizard plugin, will this be considered spam, because if i am thinking it is actually duplicate content, so…?