Google and DoFollow blog comments

I’m somewhat new to SEO, and have been reading a lot of articles on the topic as well as what Google instructs webmasters to do. I’ve been noticing that a lot of link building advice tells you to comment on DoFollow blogs in order to build links. I’ve expressed skepticism in this method, but have been told than I am wrong…

I wanted to open this up for discussion because I think there is a lot of misconception here - maybe just on my part.


First of all, I get concerned that these DoFollow blogs (the ones on the giant dofollow blog lists people pass around forums like this one) are involved in what Google deems a “bad neighborhood” because they are typically engaged in linking to each other via the comments section. Google looks at it and sees basically a link farm of unrelated links in blog form. Is this a valid concern?

Second, how much value does Google really place on a link from a wordpress comment? Does it get the same respect that an ordinary natural link does? Given that anyone can post pretty much any link in the comments of any blog, logic tells you that Google’s algo wouldn’t give this as much power.

Third, what does Google consider comment spam? I’ve read that Google will consider some comments, especially off topic comments, to be spam. Is this true? How do they deem that it’s “off topic?”

It seems like a total fallacy for Google to mark comments as spam for being “off topic” as if they can tell that the text of the comment was off topic from the URL given. Most blogs ask for a screen name, an email, and a URL when you comment. If the URL you use isn’t “related” in some way to the blog you are commenting on, is that going to be considered spam by Google even if the actual words you say in the comment are totally on topic? That doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe you actually have to provide a link in your comment to be considered spam?

Google probably place minimal value on any link that is gained by self promotional means (ie blog comments; forum signatures; directory submission)

Yes, minimal value. You can improve upon that value, however, by commenting on blogs/sites directly related to your niche.

But how to find the do follow blog?

You have to have a plug-in designated to do that job.
If you use FireFox, there’s a plug-in called NoDofollow.
Install that one and restart FireFox.
Open it again and right click on the webpage you are viewing. Links will be highlighted with red and blue.
A blue link means Dofollow and a red link means NoDofollow.

Hope that helps.

What is the maximun value for the link ? How google define that was self promotion or natural link?

Dont omit nofollow . Because no follow links can able to provide traffic to your site.

Who knows.

Google defines it as any link that could be put in not be the writer. So if you have a blog post that is linked to by a blog author, that’s good. Editorial links are worth a hell of a lot more.

There is value in commenting - making connections with readers, but for SEO bnefit it’s totally minimal.

I agree a part of it. But commenting do help for SEO purpose. Only we should know where to comment and what to comment along with the link.

Well it’s a good thing to have dofollow blog to make comments and earn links. But the work is not just that we need to be careful putting words that are spam.

Yeah blog commenting helps you to gain your backlinks. But somehow, it hard to deal with. Simply because blogs is moderated by the owner. And possible that they don’t approve your comments. And I decided to focus in other link building process which you are sure you have an instant link, IMO. :slight_smile:

The greatest SEO benefit will exist on sites with actively moderated comment sections. If you see those blogs with 300 comments and 10 links per comment, its obvious to Google and everyone else that its some kind of spammer farm.

On the other hand, sites with enforced comment policies and thematically related posts probably still has a positive SEO result.
That’s just a win-win-win situation, in my opinion, as long as editors like me are willing to spend a bit of time sorting between the noise and the gems. :slight_smile:

By this point, I’m pretty sure the search engines can tell the difference between primary content divs and comment sections, and the link value of most comment sections is probably pretty close to zero unless the author/publisher is using some kind of active editorial review of their user’s contributions.

For additional information and discussion about blog commenting, you can check out this thread

By do follow link is very give back links for site.nofollow will give back links but not value

Kh kh. Hmm Maybe because it is the spam most of the times? To some level I blame web site admins for this fact. Letting users comment anything they want will eventually hurt your web site since intelligent user will skip commenting part of your web site.

Nofollow may be not giving link juice but sure it passes authority and trust.

Nofollow links DO have value in Google eyes. How much? When and where?

Nobody knows.

Yes…nofollow links are also have value , may be not as much as dofollow links…

google just checks the qulality of the your page the link is coming to …if it is relevant to the topic …you would get the credit …otherwise not…

I’d worry more about the do follow blogs changing to no follow blogs.

Lot of them do this, then all of your backlinks screw you in the serps. Commenting on blogs is my last resort.