Google Analytics

Has anyone used Google Analytics?

Does it let you track user movements on real-time?

How does it compare to other Page Analytics offerings?

I am currently using GoDaddy’s Site Analytics and its okay, I guess, but I’d like to save the $2.99 per month if Google Analytics is just as good or better…


Google Analytics doesn’t do real-time tracking, but it is reasonably comprehensive as a standards analytics package, and has the great advantage of being free! Basically, if you need something really detailed, real-time analytics, you may have to pay for it. For most sites, Google Analytics is more than enough.

Have you (or anyone else on here) used Go Daddy’s Site Analytics?

If so, how do the two compare?

I find the real-time analytics to be very helpful for fledgling websites that I’m working on.


I’ve been using Google analytics for 3+ years, and install it on most of my client’s websites, and it does more than enough for me. It has a very intuitive and accessible interface, as well as a ton of features if you actually want to dive in. Ditch GoDaddy, go for free (and probably better).

Google analytic really works. I have used it on many websites. It has great features of tracking lots of things at a single time. Also its free and no hassle of paying money. You should definitely go for it.

I have a question about “Google Analytics”.What’s the main advantages using google analytics…??What are the features of Google analytics…??

Google Analytics is free. The report covers from traffics, traffic’s source, conversion rate, bounced rate and etc. You can sign up one and compare the features yourselves since the account is free.

It is not real-time report, anyway, but the report is updated in daily basis. We can check the past and improve present.

I have never used GoDaddy’s Site Analytics, not much comment can share.

Thank you very much for sending me advice. It is very helpful.

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Google analytics is the google tool which help you to know the statics of visitors come on your website.

Google analytic is a good traffic measuring tool, I am using it from my company website. Pinkypainter is very right about it features, it have all those features. It is not a real time tool but it is free and working well for me.

I never use godaddy website analysis tool as i am not using godaddy hosting services…

If you compare Google Analytics to the cPanel stats, you will find that Google Analytics are more accurate. On of that, it’s completely free.

The stats get refreshed once per day at a certain day time.

CPanel stats tend to exxagerate the number of visits, that’s why people sometimes think that they are getting a hell lot of traffic, while the real number of UVs might be only a half of it.