Google analytics shows up (no set) anomalie

Hi from having just had my third espresso hot sweaty office…

I’m setting upo a reporting dashboard to report on my SEO efforts. One thing i wanted to measure using google analytics was what key phrases people entered to arrive at a specific page.

The specific page is
I would like to know what key pharses users enter to land on this page but it says (no set) as the screen grab above shows.

So my question is how do i see what key pharses users enter to arrive at using google analytics.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

There are also some wider issues with this kind of thing happening whenever trying to set custom segments and a few other things which have been showing up lately. I think the scope goes well beyond adwords auto tagged traffic.

Occasionally, information related to the click can be lost even if your URL has been properly appended with Google AdWords autotagging, This means you may see some ‘(not set)’ entries instead of keyword, ad content, and campaign information, which could not be collected.

If you are seeing a significant amount of ‘(not set)’ entries in your AdWords-related reports, you may wish to disable auto-tagging and instead use the URL Builder to tag your destination URLs.