Google Analytics Issue

I have a problem with one of my client. For example, if I visit the website in a day through organic search, Image sharing link, Blog, Article submission, Document sharing link, other links from google where there is a link of my client website. Still Analytics consider this all visits as a single visit. But this is not same for my other clients. What can I do

I don’t know whether you are cheating your client or not, but are you sure, the tracking code you have placed in correct website? Just go to referral option on Google Analytic, and if you did not found referral traffic from Google search, Or Image sharing or Blog, then may be you have not implement right analytic code.

Here is what you can do for testing?

  1. Clear your browser cookies.
  2. Change your browser user agent, you can use Google chrome extension for that, Just search User Agent Switcher.
  3. Change your IP address, using VPN or Proxy site, Or even you can use hola or zenmate extension for that.

Hi ElinaMatts,

Google is very smart & it is necessary to control re-relevant traffic.
But I can give you some suggestion that can help. But make sure that spam traffic is not worthy.


  1. Change the IP address along and clear to cookies. (Best to do this in InCognito mode)
  2. Visit the URL every after 30 min. (As Google consider new session every after 30 min of in-activity.
  3. Run the Backlink URLs in Site Crawler and also if possible allow the website/Software to crawl external URLs (In some software it crawl only internal URLs by default)

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