Google Analytics Email tracking/opens

Hi there,

I currently send out a regular newsletter and would like to find out if users are clicking on the links in my emails as well as who is opening the emails.

I have read about adding a tracking image to email which I have tried, but it’s not being picked up in my GA.

This is the image code I have added in my email:

<img src=" UA-123456789-1 &cid=CLIENT_ID_NUMBER&t=event&ec=email&ea=open&el=recipient_id&cs=newsletter&cm=email&cn=MY_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&dp=%2Femail%2Fnewsletter1&dt=Listing%20Newsletter-15-06-2020">

Can anyone see what I have wrong in this code?

Thank you.

You have a space in there: UA-123456789-1

Maybe that’s just a copy & paste error, but it’s worth checking.

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Ah, awesome, it worked without the space! Thank you!

I have another question… is it possible to track each link in the email that is opened, so when in GA, I can tell which actual link they have clicked on, or tell from the content in GA that they came from an email?

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You’ll need to wait for more expert advice there. I know nothing about GA. Sorry. smile

First of all, you can’t do wrong with the code because it created by google. yes may be you place it on wrong place.
for check out this error open your website in new tap and go to the google analytics if there is shoe 1 active user than your code place at the right but if not, and you don’t idea that where you have place it.
simplly go on plugins and downlode header and footer insert, now as we know that every gogle code should be place on header, so copy the code and paste in header seation and save.

Hello @toolman,

The <img src=... cod snippet in your original post is for tracking if someone opens your email campaign. This will only work if recipients enable images in their email app (privacy setting).

If you want to track engagement such as link clicks inside the email campaign, you should use UTM codes. Learn how to use them and where to view them here.

Be sure to use the URL builder.



If you want simply track your email you can install Apollo on your Gmail. Install chrome extension of Apollo.