Google Analytics Data Export API

Hey folks, I’m attempting to create a snapshot of Google Analytics within my web app. Here’s where I am:

  1. I found this great tool to parse my Analytics XML file and display the data. ( In order to make this work, I need to export the XML file from Visitors Overview.

  2. Since this web app will be retrieving data from a different Analytics account depending on the user, I’d like to load the XML file with a programmatic method. I decided to use Java to connect to the Google Analytics Data Export API. My problem is that I need to figure out which dimensions and metrics are used to recreate the same XML file.

I’m trying to get this project done in a crunch and basically pulling my hair out. Has anyone done this or familiar with the dimensions and metrics used to generate the Visitors Overview report?

I’ve attached a sample export from the visitors overview page of Google Analytics.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!!!