Google Analytics - Bounce Rate Calculation Am I Correct?

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In google analytics within the Content sub section All pages and illustrated here I want to make sure i understand bounce rate correctly.

So referring back to my illustration am i right in saying the home page had around 215 visitors (page views or whatever) left the home page with no further interaction?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s my understanding on how Google calculates the bounce rate.

For me I also check the visitors flow in the Google analytics and then compute all the visitors who drop from first page and compared it to the bounce rate, sometimes I didn’t get the same results.

it is related to landing pages, including homepage. if the bounce rate is too high, such as 65% up, your landing pages must have some problems for visitors, speed? content? page structure? or even just color or size of words.

It depends upon the visitors if your site is good and informative there will be a less bouncing rate. like 50%

hi Zygoma, bounce rate directly propotional to time which visitors are spending on website. To reduce bounce rate you can do these

work on rich snippet of meta description
use long tail keyoword
use image in content
use recent post tags in sidebars


Hi Guys,

I am working for online recruitment company and want to do google adword campaign but we don’t have landing page. Is it really necessary to add landing page to track conversion?

Is there any way that we can avoid this? or do we really need to have landing page?