Google Analytics and Universal Analytic

Hello Friends Please Share Difference In Google analytic and Universal Analytic
Google Analytics Vs Universal Analytic ?


[FONT=Verdana]Google has plenty of information on the subject. e.g.

Is there something in particular that you wish to know which you’ve been unable to find?[/FONT]

Thank you so much for this link…i really need it to know difference.(:

Hope you are getting high knowledge as you need about different topics by joining this great community, Without nay confusion, its Google. I always prefer to search things using Google search engine. Believe me, I have never even used any other search engine, not even Yahoo. I like Google, because it is simple to use and gives accurate results.We can also find many other information on internet few days ago i am searching on internet here i found a useful links which is about SEO if you can get new ideas and information you can visit them.

Hi I agree with TechnoBear’s answer. If you want higher SEO first use one of these programs but more important after writing ltake care of pyramids and link wheels because these are 80% of the SEO. You can do it via FIVERR (double r). In my profile you can get more info if you like.

What about StatCounter and its stats? are the more reliable the GA?

Well, thanks for providing this link. I am glad that I have joined this forum for sharing my views on technologies.