Google analytics alternative

what google analytics alternative would be available that would also show crawlers like googlebot?

I need a way of finding out when certain bots have crawled and indexed my site.

have you tried Statcounter??

AWStats is pretty good for seeing which bots have looked at your site, and how much (along with lots more). You’ll get a view that looks a little bit like this:

Not too much sure but check this out if it can help you somehow! -

It only counts visitors with JavaScript enabled and just about all Bots will not have JavaScript and so will not be counted.

You need a log based stats program rather than a JavaScript one if you want to count all the visitors to your site including bots.

AWstats produces pretty good stats that distinguish reasonably well between real visitors and bots as well as can be done (given that real visitors can set their IE, Firefox, or Safari browser to pretend to be a bot by using the bot useragent so as to see web pages the way the page presents itself to bots).

yup i use statcounter for all my sites
good thing
simple,free,user friendly GUI admin with required features only

detail analysis of last 500 users only
and i think there is some problem with recent keywords analysis it shows 1keyword search more than 3-5 times in the list in some occasions

google is way too good than any other tracking tools…statcounter is good but GA is much better

What’s wrong with Google Analytics that you need to find an alternative for?