Google Analytics Advice for Spotting Reason for Traffic Increase?

I’m seeing significantly higher than normal traffic today. Usually I can figure out what the cause of a spike is by looking at my content analytics or traffic sources, but this has me stumped. There is no one content page receiving more traffic than normal, no one traffic source sending more than normal and no new traffic sources sending any significant numbers my way. Even all the ratios and pie charts are pretty much the same. It’s as though everything has just shifted up across the board.

Any Google Analytics ninjas have tips for spotting the reason for a spike like this? Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I’d just like to understand where it came from…

Hi Johny,

One More Google Analytics tip

You can use GA to track how often people click on an image or button. Simply add urchinTracker() to the onClick event of that elementGA will then record a page view for image.jpg.

Aren’t those two statements a contradiction? If your overall traffic is up 10% then at least one page on your site must have experienced at least a 10% increase.

By how much has your traffic increased? I don’t mind having a look if you want to PM me?

Has to be in Awstats on the server. But could also be need look harder at google has to show if it’s typein’s or something of this nature somewhere in there.

Awstats show’s all image traffic as Google.