Google adWords to promote my website?

Hi all,

Recently, I have started an adWords campaign. It has a good advertisement impressions gaining few clicks, but it is very expensive. Google offers free advertising for start ups but it is only available in US and Canada only. :slight_smile: I have searched for vouchers in ebay but I am in doubt if it will work if I have my billing address is outside USA and Canada.

What other advertising tool would you suggest for me to gain more traffic from my website? Will blog making help me producing traffics? I am also planning to hire writers who will write articles for my website and then post it to my blog. Will this be effective?

Thank you everyone!:

What kind of website do you have?

Writing relevant content always helps, especially if you can spread it around using social networking.

How does this relate to web hosting? :confused:

Perhaps he’s looking to drive traffic to his own web hosting website?

I recommend to apply the following SEO techniques to gain promotion.

Article submission
Blog commenting
Directory submission

It would be best if you use SEO and SEM accordingly.

Using SEM for “fast” results and simultanously starting SEO on keywords that are widely searched after.

Have you had a look at using Facebook advertising for your site,i have never used it myself but as i understand it from many people the results can be very good and not all that expensive.

Facebook ads should work fine. Why don’t you check also the online ad networks that provide local search ads.

There are number of ways to advertise websites… Platinum Marketing Seo Tools is also used for advertising websites…Many flash games are also used for advertising websites…

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I believe when you are running SEM for your web hosting company (I believe OP is web host according to his signature)
you need to do a lot and chose the best keywords which will be useful in terms of pay per click

I also recommend to apply the some SEO techniques to gain promotion. first take analysis and then get stats about keywords. after this choose keywords and so on,



So you are going to do PPC. Why? If your site is new then you can go for PPC. But if your site is old and trusted then try organic SEO.