Google adsense

who knows how to contact the google adsense or an expert?

I think you need to have an adsense account to contact them though.

If you want to contact the AdSense team directly, forget it. There is no working mechanism for doing that.

However, AdSense does run an answer board where active AdSense users will try to answer your questions. I used to take part in it myself, and found it moderately useful. As far as I know, anyone can register to post a question; you don’t need to be an AdSense publisher. You can find (the English version) here:!forum/adsense

In addition, Google has recently launched AdSense Publishers Panel. This is a forum that is monitored by AdSense staff, and is aimed at the more experienced AdSense publisher. It’s not really a discusssion group - more a way of letting Google know your views on various matters. I believe membership is by invitation only. If you qualify for membership, you would have received an email a few weeks ago with the details. The URL is

Hope this helps.


this is a bad thing!


We’ve given you several suggestions, but you say it’s a bad thing. Why?


Hello, I have two new sites in hosting, Im a publisher and from one day to another I find myself without advertising without any communication from googleadsense or his staff!

no violation
original site
“all provable”

there appears to be correct by “google adsense”, after giving all my personal information?
it seems right for the new web master can not communicate with staff official “google adsense”?

For all new publisher , “why dont get the ufficial assistence of google adsense?”

Can you answer! and say your thinking…

Nobody can tell you why you can’t get official support from Google Adsense except Google themselves, and they’re unlikely to reply.

Mikl suggested a place where you can get assistance if you need it. Have you tried that? If not, that would seem to be the best place to start.

If you have a specific question about Adsense, you could also try asking here, but your initial question has been answered, and I’m not sure what other answers you’re expecting.

I put the pending registration with google sense! I write “my short experience” with google adsense

negative aspects

  • Too mechanistic
  • Distractions on the real contents of the sites to give space to ads
  • No human assistance
  • No incentive for new projects or for new sites
  • Absenteeism real
    -no official contract or collaboration

positive aspects
-ability to earn and reinvest for the website
-possibility to realize the comunity

I hope in the future there will be more transparency, clarity and evolution

If you want to have your say, also would like to know your experience with google adsense!


WarriorForum has a special section devoted to users of AdSense. You can also register there and ask questions. It’s a great place to connect.

And, of course, you are also welcome to post questions about AdSense right here in the Internet Marketing section of SitePoint. There are no Google staff-members here (as far as I now), but some of our regular visitors do have experience with the programme.


but I’m just saying my opinion on google adsense.
I take care of e-learning and music, is a case that I have opened a site <snip>
I would like to know your opinion on the “future of the web”? it’s so strange that the only sources of income should depend on banners random and not from other sources


If you have something to sell, whether it’s a physical product or a service, then you can sell it and make money. You can either sell it online directly, or use your website as a marketing draw to pull people into your actual shop/office. But for a lot of people, that isn’t going to be an option. Lots of website don’t have products or services, just information – and people are notoriously reluctant to pay for information. That means that advertising is likely to be the only way for those sites to make money. Is that so strange? Television programmes are mostly funded by advertising slots. Even newspapers are largely funded by advertising – the price that you pay for the paper doesn’t come anywhere near covering the cost of production. Most websites are no different. The only danger is putting all your eggs in one basket means that if anything changes with your Adsense income stream, you could be left high and dry, at least until you can source an alternative scheme.

Mikl: In the future, anything related to AdSense is OK to post in the INTERNET MARKETING section? I also wonder if forum manager can create an acual section devoted to AdSense? Pleasde consider. Thanks
PS: Wasn’t there a section here, also devoted soley to WEBSITES FOR SALE? I don’t see that anymore . . .

[font=calibri]Questions about Adwords (ie, you are advertising your site to bring in visitors) should go in the Internet Marketing section. Questions about Adsense (ie, you are displaying adverts in your site to earn revenue) are probably best in Scripts & Online Services, although there may be specific questions that fit better elsewhere. In terms of setting up a special part of the forum for Adsense, I don’t think that’s likely to work – we’ve tried to slim down the number of different boards that we have on here, and there’s just not enough discussion about Adsense to make a dedicated area work.

If you want to buy or sell websites, the Sitepoint Marketplace is now part of Flippa Classifieds, so you can use that now.[/font]

I’ll answer that, and say yes, indeed. :slight_smile: We already have other threads about AdSense here.

We used to have several other sections, such as Affiliate Marketing. I can’t remember whether AdSense was one, but they were all merged into Internet Marketing, as none of them had enough use to justify a separate forum. But I’ll alert the Administrator, @HAWK, to your request.

That’s long gone. All buying and selling, including web sites, should now be done through


Stevie D can type faster than I can. :slight_smile: