Google Adds Credits

Hi guys,

Maybe somebody have done it before…Do you know how we could offer to our customers Google Adwords, Yahoo ads and Miva credits for free? I mean from where do we need to start? It would be much bigger benefit for us and clients to offer such a option with their web hosting account. Thank you.

You need to contact Google and Yahoo! about it. Try to find their business development or marketing department contacts. Both have programs for others to distribute vouchers/coupons, but they’re very selective about giving them out, so you need to make a compelling case for how you’re a good fit and how it will benefit them.

These ad credits are essentially a handout of money, they have a real cost to Google/Yahoo!, so they’re not going to give them to you without being convinced that you can generate even more revenue for them by doing so.

PauL: AdWords

For google, you have to become elegible by sitting a test and by spending x amount on adsense per month… You can get an account that lets you manage multiple adsense accounts (so you can manage adsense campaigns for a couple of companies to rack up the total)

The test itself isnt easy and the spending is quite high - so if your just looking for it for a small hosting company as a giveaway - I really wouldnt bother… If however you already spend a ton of money on adsense - then you may aswell give it a shot - but you dont get unlimited vouchers…

The whole testing thing is quite hidden from the main google sites - so you’ll have to browse - but it is there, I’ve joined myself… Just the spend was too much for me so I gave up & unfortunatly dont have the link anymore…

All the best in finding it though :slight_smile: - And yes as Dan said - try contacting them directly on their sale departments

Thanks for the correction… I always seem to get confused!
Please replace “adsense” in my post with “adwords”…