Google +1 button

Hi guys,

I am working on the website which ranks well in Google US ( &gl=us)

I want to add the Google +1 button on my site, but I am a lil’ worried about it…like if most of the friends of mine or most other people from Asia click on the +1 button to increase the no. of +1; will I loose the rankings in US?

Will Google consider my site is best suited for Asian because they have clicked the +1 button more than the USA people?

Dude… I don’t think your site’s US rank will get affected by those Asian clicks…

I know G+ is going to rock so i advise you to add it on your site ASAP… and i recommend you to try to get more g+ hits from Americans… :slight_smile:

That’s all…

I am sure Google is aware that some sites will try to game the system, so they probably have some way to filter out bogus clicks, but I agree with superstararjun that you should try to get as many clicks as possible from your target demo and country.

I am not sure if there will be a negative impact from clicks considered bogus though, that is a good question.

I don’t think where the number of clicks come from will have any bearing on the +1 system. It works similarly to the FB Like feature.

At the moment, I don’t think it will affect much on the site linking as not much people has the account of Google+. We are not sure about future whether or not it will be affected.

As the two are as different as cheese and racing apart from their similar names, the slow introduction of Google+ is unlikely to have any significant effect on the +1 buttons that have been available for use by everyone for quite a while. At least not until such time as Google integrate the who together (racing cheese anyone?).

I don’t think that you will losoe your us google rank, instead you will gain asian google rank !

Thanks for all the votes & the replies. Hope you continue to help in future also.

Absolutely correct. It is only for helping users, it works as recommendation. Now Google is not using it as ranking factor but in future it can consider it as a ranking factor.