Goodbye Mr Bond!

Read today that the new James Bond film is on indefinite hold because of the state of MGM. Could this be the end of the James Bond franchise? I personally don’t mind, I haven’t liked the ones with Daniel Craig, for me a Bond film is not a Bond film without Q and all his high-tech gadgets.

  • Will you be sad to see the end of the franchise?
  • Who was the best actor who played bond?
  • Which film was your favourite?
  • What was your favourite gadget?
  • What was your favourite bond car?

It’s too big a franchise not to be picked up by someone even if it’s years away from now.

It doesn’t bother me. I’ve tried watching a post Sean Connery 007 and it didn’t work. Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, Craig…they’re all blech.

Sean Connery was the man but I only liked the first three or so Bonds.

My favourite is Goldfinger.

I’ve never been a Bond fan, out of all of them I’d have to agree with Maleika, Sean Connery was the best - Roger Moore was just plain creepy :shifty:

I won’t be sad if they stopped filming it :confused2

You do realise that “Mr Evil” is holding MGM to ransom and has a thermo nuclear device in a spaceship ready to drop on MGM headquarters if they continue making Bond films.

it’s always kinda sad to see the end, but i still have all the movies in a shelf here to cherish for years to come :smiley:

Roger Moore was the man, then Connery. Moore had class and style - he was a gentleman. he also had humour. well, tht’s just my opinion :shifty:

hard to say which was my favourite, but Thunderball, From russia with love, Goldfinger and the spy who loved me, live and let die, for your eyes only and octopussy are my favourites

the Aston Martin DB5 and the Lotus Esprite S1 (submarine) is my favourite Bond cars.

maybe it’s time to quit, as Q is irreplaceable, even for a man like Cleese. the films has also become just like other movies - nothing special in them anymore.

I’m glad the franchise is over… everything was fine until they tried rebooting Bond with remaking Casino Royale and then began pushing the plot to the start of bond. Talk about desperate, the whole film stunk of “Jason Bourne rip-off” when they suddenly turned it into the high octane jerky camera, flying fists style movie instead of the traditional concept and on top of that, suddenly Judi Dench (who is a great actress) is cast as M which makes no sense whatsoever. In the early bonds M was a guy because back then, women weren’t considered suitable for the position, yet they cast the M from the future as the M from the past… probably the biggest franchise blooper of all time. As for the best bond, apart from Sean Connery I have to say Pierce Brosnan did an awesome job. :slight_smile:

PS: bluedreamer, that’s Doctor Evil to you :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly won’t be missing any sleep over it, but it’s kind of sad to see an end to such a long running film franchise. I’ve seen most of them but not all of them so I’m obviously not a fan of any sorts, I just enjoy watching them when they’re on TV.

Best actor who played Bond? Hmmm! Pierce Brosnan was good…So was Sean Connery and Roger Moor and Timothy Dalton and I even liked Daniel Craig too. Hard to say my favourite really when all of them played James Bond magnificently, in my opinion!

I’m struggling to think of my favourite film too…They’re all so damn good! Lol. You want my favourite of everything? I can never give my favourite choice for anything…So I’ll have to stop the car here, get out and spring the rest of the way to my destination!..The names Cooper…Andrew Cooper :wink: :rofl:

Andrew Cooper

The Bond franchise has been ruined by special effects mostly starting in the Brosnan era and carrying into Quantum of Solace. I think it was a relative of Ian Fleming whom said Brosnan captured the essence of Bond best, but Connery will always be remembered as the quintessential Bond.

If the franchise is over then why are there a dozen or so names that get a mention as possibilities for the next Mr Bond?

There have already been two Bond movies made completely separately from the rest of the series (the original “casino Royal” with David Niven as Bond and “Never Say Never Again” with Sean Connery) so even if the current franchise owners do not proceseed further there’s a good chance someone else will.

Comic book and superhero films seem to be the money makers lately. The last few bond films seemed to be lackluster.

The World Is Not Enough grossed about $360 mil, Die Another Day about $430 mil, Casino Royale about $600 mil, and Quantum of Solace about $590 mil

Spider-Man was about $830 mil, Spider-Man 2 about $780 mil, Iron Man about $590, Dark Knight about $1 billion, Superman Returns about $400 mil.

Comparatively to the same genre as the James Bond series, the Bourne series didn’t do as well going from $210 mil, $290 mil, $440 mil for the three films.

(Figures are according to wikipedia)

I’m thinking they really need to step up with the next James Bond films because I actually got bored with the last few :eek:

Didn’t both of those result in huge lawsuits from the owners of the bond franchise? I know these days the use of Bond would be as guarded a franchise as Tolkiens work so I doubt very much that anything more than a spoof (protected under freedom of speech) could be created. After all, the studio may be bankrupt but that doesn’t mean they don’t have legal ownership over the brand. :slight_smile:

The first one “Casino Royale” certainly didn’t since the movie rights to that book had already been purchased prior to the main franchise being established and the resultant movie was produced using those original rights. The franchise was not able to obtain the rights to the first book until just a few years ago which is why their version didn’t appear until it did. I am not sure what happened regarding “Never Say never Again” which was basically a remake of “Thunderball” - There may have been a court case with that one but it didn’t prevent the movie being made and released.

For that matter there were a number of James Bond TV shows made during the 1950s by other companies and those didn’t conflict either as they had the approriate rights to do what they did.

Another consideration is that, since Fleming died in 1964, the James Bond books cease to be covered by copyright in 2014 and then anyone will be able to create their own version based on the original books. Some aspects of the movies may still be covered but James Bond himself and the Fleming books will be in the public domain.

It was legal jazz, see the wiki

James Bond Will Return, always. Just hope MGM sort their stuff out. They have a lot of other stuff under their umbrella I love from the same period as the original bonds.

Absolutely no way that the Bond franchise is dead. They’ll hang out for a while because of historical links with MGM, and if that fails, another distributor will snap up the franchise.

Personally I think Craig is what Bond needed. Connery was and always will be the seminal bond, but unless the films are to be done in a historical context, he represents a byegone era these days. Moore was good because he was so different to Connery; posh, polished and suave (verging on sleezy) vs Connery’s down to earth, direct and sexy. Both would now look a little ridiculous in a contemporary Bond film, I think that with Craig and the changes in direction that were made, the franchise had life breathed into it. Let’s hope the same can happen for MGM :slight_smile:

I like all the older Bond films personally.
Daniel Craig got better in QoS, and I guess Bond 23 will have his colours shine a bit better…

In any case: MGM need to sort their stuff out, and they will, eventually.
The Bond franchise isn’t over, they may sell the rights, whatever.

But the film will come out, maybe just not in 2011.