Good wp e-commerce plugins

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good e-commerce plugin. I was ready to go with wp-ecommerce by instinct but it gets universally ripped apart on almost every forum I have read. Is it really that bad? I also want to have a shipping option to offer 3 different levels (ground, 2-day, and overnight) but don’t seem to have that ability with wp-ecommerce. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I’ve been using it and it’s been fine. My only gripe has been that invoices were sent in plain text, and didn’t allow for HTML.

There’s another plugin called shopp that’s worth a try as well.

Thanks for the help. Do you know if it’s possible to offer multiple shipping options?

WP e-commerce, yes. Shopp, I would assume so, but I haven’t worked with it extensively.